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We are passionate about developing scripts, bringing teams together and producing drama. We have a wealth of short films under our belt and a juicy slate of features at a variety of stages.

Our films have received acclaim from many angles. The Hive was selected by Oscar® Winner Andrea Arnold as Shooting People’s Film of the Month and was selected for the BBC Film Network and nominated for a Vimeo global film award after being selected as a staff pick there too! The film has been viewed over 28,500 times.

The Cull was nominated for Best British Short Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival when it was officially selected to be part of the prestigious festival. The film later went on to be selected alongside The Hive as part of Shooting People’s Film of the Month and was consequently picked by Andrea Arnold as runner up. It was also selected for the BBC Film Network and Vimeo as a staff pick, being added to the homepage for several days. The film has now clocked up over 52,000 viewers.

Under the Tracks was screened in a number of festivals and received a human rights film award. Starring homeless and marginalised people, the film was a great success for everyone involved.

Finite have a slate of feature films in development, including 'Close to the Edge', which was funded by the UK Film Council for script development. The film is now seeking production funding to begin filming.

The selection of work below shows snippets of some of the home-grown stories we've produced and also some of our internationally-shot projects. We like to tell stories with a pulse - a real heart at the core of the narrative.

The Hive

A desperate petty thief and his little brother embark on a dawn raid to steal a stack of bee hives. But will they get more than they bargained for?

Dir // Ed Lilly | Prod // Lauren Tomlinson | Writer // Andy Walker

Produced with Blind Aura Pictures

The Cull

An honour-bound father (played by Steve Evetts) pushes his son to continue the legacy on their beleaguered farm. How far will he go before the boy breaks?

Dir // Jonathan Harris | Prods // Garry Paton & Chris Leonard | Writer // Andy Walker


Saved from freezing to death in the wilderness, Patrick's search for the truth about his daughter's disappearance may be over.

Dir // Garry Paton | Prod // Emilia Howells | Writer // Cai Ross


Shot as part of the Collabor8te scheme run by Rankin Film Productions,
Lewis Metcalfe's authored film pulls us into a world where the actions of two brothers will change everything for them. Check out more on the film here.

Wri & Dir // Lewis Metcalfe | Prod // Lauren Tomlinson

Under the Tracks

Under the Tracks is a unique film, workshopped with people who are homeless and marginalised. Working with charity, Acting on Impulse, we produced a drama based on the reality of the streets.

As the trailer shows, Under the Tracks is where the real streets lie.

Dir // Garry Paton | Prod // Lauren Tomlinson | Wri // Andy Walker

Beyond the River

Four men have been summoned to a warehouse after receiving an envelope containing an incriminating secret about them. How far will they go to keep this from the others? Coming soon.

Dir // Garry Paton | Wri & Prod // David Jovanic