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Showcasing the great work of Charities

Here at Finite we feel it is important to make films that matter. We feel strongly about getting involved in charity campaigns and love showcasing the great work of some of the most inspiring organisations in the UK.

Having developed ideas to improve awareness and raise the profiles of charities, we have scripted and shot campaigns to boost their presence. We can design promotional material to encompass a whole campaign or brand re-launch.

We also produce documentaries which can be extremely useful for a group wishing to portray their work and people. These documentaries are often used as a therapeutic exercise for service users.

We have a partnership with Acting on Impulse, a charity working with homeless and marginalised people through acting workshops for film and theatre.

Below is a selection of our work.

Boaz Trust

Boaz Trust is doing fantastic work to protect and help destitute asylumn seekers. They needed a promo to show what they do in order to gain support. The film has helped get their message across and shows people exactly what they do.

Manchester Pride

Manchester Pride wanted to showcase the great work they do as a charity. This film demonstrates just how far they reach with their support through the various organisations and people who have been helped.

Acting on Impulse

This behind-the-scenes film showcases the work of charity Acting on Impulse as they shoot a film workshopped with the homeless and marginalised cast.

West Yorkshire Forget Me Not Trust

This promotional film shows the necessity for the now-built West Yorkshire Forget Me Not Children's Hospice. It was used to generate support to the trust as they raised the necessary funds to build the hospice.